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State-of-the-art warehouse and Amazon experience that matters a great deal

We take pride in our warehouse premises. Browse the photo gallery and check yourself. The newly built warehouse has abundant pallet storage and bin storage. It is equipped with modern handheld barcode readers, label printers, and automatic box taping systems. Everything is managed through a dedicated Warehouse Management System. We pick and and ship your goods to FBA in a very efficient manner. Why? Because we started as an Amazon seller ourselves and managed to grow our FBA business to 80,000 orders per month, thanks to on-time replenishment. We offer you a complete package that consists of:

  • Storage

  • Forwarding

  • Inspections

  • PREP - poly-bagging and labelling

  • Removals

  • Replenishment


Our rates are very competitive: 

  • Picking replenishment orders starts at $0.05 per unit

  • Storage starts at $9.99 per cubic meter ($0.28 per cubic feet) per month

  • Barcoding and FNSKU labelling start at $0.05 per unit

Our systems are fully optimized to be hassle-free for you. We can pull a list of your FNSKU codes, link them to your EAN/UPS barcodes and then generate FNSKUs automatically through our WMS. Labels are printed using hot stamping foil to ensure maximum durability.  


Do you need e-commerce fulfillment for your other channels? That is not a problem. Poland is located close to Germany and ships there millions of packages every month thanks to very speedy and cost effective cross-border fulfillment logistics.

How can you be sure that your goods are sent to Amazon according to the highest standards? Because we know Amazon logistics inside out Our team consists of ex Amazon Operations Managers and Team Leaders who ensure total compliance. Box content packing lists, box weight limits, FBA Small and Light - we know all of that.

We always do our best to cater to your needs. That is why we try to get to know your business a little bit before crafting an offer that meets your needs. Interested? CONTACT US!

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