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Located in Poland - Eastern Europe, where Amazon has its biggest warehouses
Poland is in the Center of Eurpe

We are located in Poland - the center of Europe. Our state-of-the-art warehouse is just 5 kilometers from the A4 highway - the major motorway from the East to the West of Europe. Five Polish Amazon warehouses are located right next to A4 highway - WRO1, WRO2, WRO3, KTW1 and KTW2. The is a great location on the supply side too. The new "Silk Railroad" goes through Poland, which means container and LTL shipments can be delivered from China to Poland in around 14 days. We are close to major ports such as Hamburg and Gdansk as well as cargo airport terminals. Compared with warehouses in Western Europe, our rates are hard to beat. And the quality of our process is top-notch. Learn more about our premises and process HERE.

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